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Today Nicte Trujillo, who lives in Tijuana for life, tells of her life as a young woman in the border city of San Diego, Mexico.

The city of Tijuana, Mexico, is considered the gateway to the tourist corridor of Baja California, and for good reason: it is a gateway to the tourist corridors of B-Mexico.

Tijuana, often affectionately known as TJ, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, and the drive from Guadalajara to Mexico City is less than an hour and a half, roughly the same time as from San Diego. Ten minutes from the city is Tijuana Beach, where the sad wall that marks the border between Mexico and the United States ends at the sea. Take a trip to Coyoacan to explore the famous Frida Kahlo's home, also known as the Blue House. This does not include a Tourismo Express shuttle bus that will take you back to the same parking lot.

Although there are some beautiful beaches, Rosarito Ensenada is considered the better area for serious beach-goers. Playas de Tijuana is the beach district of Tijuana, and although there is a beautiful beach here, It's not as pretty as rosarsa. During a stopover in Mexico City, travelers can also stop in the city of Playa del Carmen to visit some of Mexico's best beaches, but they should also visit popular tourist attractions such as San Juan del Sur and El Camino de la Cruz.

But if you're from San Diego, you might want to take a trip to the city of Tijuana, a popular tourist destination with some of the best beaches in the country.

If you are a true shopping fanatic and don't want to spend time exploring Tijuana, you can book a 5-hour tour of the city that includes many shopping opportunities as well as sightseeing. If you prefer a guided tour of San Diego, CA just across the border, you should book the five-hour "Tijuana Sightseeing Tour" or "Get a Guide" and check out our ultimate Guide to Visiting T Mexico for more information on how to do it and what to look out for. And if you want a more detailed guide to visit Mexico and San Diego and you want to donate to go it alone, we offer a great day trip to T Mexicana for those who want it, and a wonderful guide that can show you the best places.

As a tourist to Mexico: See the best sights in Tijuana, Mexico with our guide to the top tourist attractions in San Diego, CA.

When in Tijuana, you can't forget to visit Avenida Revolucion, the tourist center of the city. First, the timekeepers of Tijuana should head for the Zona Centro, which is located on the Avenidores de los Zonas Centros, the main traffic hub for tourists. Turn on 1-D and drive parallel to the border fence, avoiding much of the traffic jam and following the sign for Ensenada Cuota to Calle Internacional.

Walking around the area gives you a good idea of what Tijuana might have looked like a long time ago and what it might look like today.

If you fall in love with Tijuana on your trip, as I did, please read my travel guide to move to Tijuana as an American. I want you to know how to get from San Diego to T Diego, some of the best things to do in T Mexico, where to stay and whether it is safe to visit. If you plan to visit Taja but are not sure what to do, I know that this post will help you. Look for the "San Diego - Tijuana" combined with a guided tour of both.

If you liked this article "Top Activities in Tijuana," you will love the south of the border. There are plenty of great restaurants in Tijuana and Mercado Hidalgo is the best place to buy food, drinks, souvenirs and other things for your trip when you visit. This is one of my favorite restaurants in town and a great place for a quick lunch or dinner if you are on your way back to San Diego after a long trip.

How to get there: Arriving in Tijuana is not difficult and you should be ready to cross the two borders at the intersection of Avenida Nuevo Laredo and Avenidas San Diego. This is a great place for a quick lunch or dinner after you have arrived and cross the border.

The day trip to San Deigo is very easy and the drive from San Diego to the Mexican border takes less than 45 minutes. You can take a small tram that will take you directly across the border, or you can park at the San Ysidro border crossing on Avenida Nuevo Laredo and park in the parking lot of the Tijuana International Airport. If you are interested in crossing the borders of San Francisco and San Jose on foot, please read our guide to crossing the US and Mexican borders in San Luis Obispo, California. Many people make their way to T Mexico for the day, because it is just on the other side, but there is no need to cross the border and walk in San Yididro.

More About Tijuana

More About Tijuana