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Last Thursday, Javier Plascencia, the chef of Cali in Baja, beat Mision, the fine restaurant that put him on the Mexican culinary map in the United States and beyond, for his fifth birthday. Tijuana franchise - inspired by taco - opened its first full-service restaurant in San Diego last year and a second in New York City last week.

Plascencia was born in Tijuana to a food king; his parents opened a pizzeria here in 1969 and now have a restaurant empire that includes Cali, a Prohibition hotspot where the salad of the same name was invented. In 1969 Juan Jose opened the present Two Caesars, the first tourists, and it is still a mainstay of Italian cuisine in Tijuana. Cine Tonala, which serves as a cultural center between Mexico City and Bogota, opened last year in TJ and quickly became a popular destination.

It's not the most creative food, but it's delicious and reliable, and if you add the ambience, it deserves its place on the list. The Caesar, rounding out the top 10 on this list, is perhaps one of the best restaurants in Tijuana, if not Mexico City. It is a rare company, with a wide selection of food and a good atmosphere, as well as good service and good prices.

Although the original location is in Mazatlan, the restaurant is one of 15 restaurants throughout Mexico, 15 of which are in Tijuana and another 3 that serve other locations, including Mexico City. The staples of our northern neighbors are mostly on the menu, but a few hearty Mexican chilaquiles are on display. The variations of the tostada are huge, so here are some good food recommendations. Unique recipes can often be found both inside and outside Tijuana and in Mexico.

If you're used to US tacos, it's much easier to find a good taco in Tijuana than in any other part of the country. Easy to find in the city, it is perfect for travelers looking for a crash course in Norteno - restaurant-style cuisine.

Mexican cuisine, the peninsula in northwestern Mexico that separates the Pacific Ocean from the Gulf of California, is home to the incredible cultural mix that makes up Mexican cuisine. The largest city, Tijuana, is located in southern Mexico, north of the border with the United States and is divided into two distinct regions: the city of San Diego and the city of Baja California.

In the center of Tijuana is the historic shopping district Downtown, which is about 1.5 km long and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. This one bee's nest is a must-see attraction for tourists and locals alike and home to a local market (see map) called Mercado Hidalgo.

The main ingredient is tortillas, which Delgado says have been neglected by many "Mexican joints" in Westwood, but this is a unique gem of a restaurant. This taqueria offers mean chili tacos and has salsas of watered-down pico de gallo to add color to the chiles arbol from hell. They garnish the tacos with grilled onions and serve whole fillets instead of chopping them up.

The variety of choices that Tijuana has to offer in the Mexican food landscape is enormous, and while the border city has a long history, it also offers flavors that are unparalleled almost everywhere in Mexico. Some of the best restaurants in Tijuana have amazing dishes with a history, but on the plate below are the carnitas from Michoacan state.

Like most urban playgrounds, Tijuana is a melting pot inspired by other places and cultures, and it is impossible to talk about the city's food without also talking about tacos. Not everyone who goes to Tijuana is looking forward to driving off and eating cheap sandwiches on the sidewalk, but it would be boring and short-sighted to eat tacos and drive to Mexico just to eat just 137 miles south of T Mexico. Modern taja is about more than tacos; as I said, not every great place is the same as the one we ate in the 137-mile border town a few days ago.

It was here in Tijuana in 1924 that chef Caesar Cardini created the original world - the famous Caesar salad enjoyed by millions. If you are coming from the US for the first time or even just for a few days, you should definitely visit Taja to visit the oldest and most famous restaurant in the world, Caesar's.

Gonzales lost his Big Curio Store in a fire in Tijuana on September 22, 1926, and quickly planned to build a new hotel on the site of his old store in the heart of the city.

It's still in the suburbs, but Westwood is all about tacos, and the menu offers the classic Tijuana-style taco with a variety of toppings and sauces used in much of Mexico. The tacos are made here in what has become known as the "classic" Tijuana style, with wood - grilled meat and a combination of pork, beef, chicken and pork ribs.

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