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Once considered a dangerous city, Tijuana, Mexico, is now perhaps the perfect tourist destination for children and adults. You can easily visit it at Parque Morales, the largest park in the city. Read a list of the best museums and attractions in the second largest city in the world. If your child needs serious entertainment, then this is a super fun place to take it.

The current exhibition is about the river that begins in the United States and ends in Mexico, and includes a replica of the San Joaquin River, the largest river in North America. It has a large exhibition dedicated to the pre-Hispanic era of Mexico, and current exhibits on the history of Tijuana and Mexico City.

If you are looking for a place to picnic in Tijuana, Parque Morelos is the ideal place for you. Visit the city and visit it to do some of the best things in and around Mexico. Here you can get more detailed information if you are traveling in this corner of Mexico or if you want to find more information on the cool things we do in, around and near the city in our calendar.

It stands out because it is one of the most famous museums in Tijuana, Mexico, and the largest museum in the world. It is dedicated to the history of Mexico and its people, as well as the behavior of others, and is the only museum of its kind in Mexico.

The simultaneous organization of these two sister exhibitions also reflects the idea of cultural mestizaje. The dual presence is a contemporary art project that takes place in the same building as the main exhibition of the museum, the "Cultural Museum of Tijuana" (Museo de Cienfuegos Culturales). It also works very closely with the cultural heritage of the city, as well as its history, culture and art history.

The last stop of the tour is the Hotel Encuentro Guadalupe, designed by architect Jorge Gracia Graciastudio from Tijuana. The Friday museum tour includes the opportunity to receive a personal tour of one of the most important museums in Mexico, the "Museo de Cienfuegos Culturales." The tour starts at the museum, where we will take a tour of the city's galleries, galleries and galleries, with stops throughout Mexico City and a visit to local art spaces. Mexican photography that brings the greatest art and photography from Mexico and the world into the history and culture of Mexico and the history of Mexican photography.

Another attraction in Tijuana is the Trompo Interactive Museum, which is an entertaining adventure for adults and children. You can chill out on the beach in La Jolla, stroll through the Gaslamp Quarter, admire its historic buildings, visit the USS Midway Museum or visit the cultural center of Balboa Park.

When in Tijuana, you can't forget to visit Avenida Revolucion, the tourist center of the city. Exploring this long strip of the city is easily the most popular thing to do in Tijuana, and most people want to visit this place simply because of Mexican culture. The Monumental Plaza of Tijuana is just a stone's throw from the US border and is highly recommended for those who visit. Swimming with sharks can get you in trouble, because that's what you could imagine just a stone's throw from the US border.

But it's worth doing some of the more unusual things in Tijuana and looking for the icon of that city, the huge naked Mona de Tijuana.

To truly understand "Mexican Folk Art," visit the Tijuana Art Museum, one of the largest and most important museums in the country.

The building, housed in the old city palace, built in 1921, has been restored and reopened as the Museum of History of Tijuana, one of the best places to learn about the history of this city and the Baja region in general. As a supplier and preserver of Taja's rich history, it bears the name of its original owner and son Juan Manuel "Chico" Garcia.

The 42 artists from San Diego and Tijuana will continue at the Santa Monica Museum of Art in Los Angeles, California. Organized by the SanDiego Museum of Contemporary Art and currently installed at the Santo Domingo Art Museum in San Francisco, this exhibition features works by artists such as Juan Manuel "Chico" Garcia, Jose Luis Garcia, and Jose Manuel Garcia. Here is a look at some of the most interesting and interesting works of art from the permanent collection of the museum.

The Tijuana Cultural Center is home to some of Mexico's most popular art and cultural institutions, such as CECUT, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the San Diego Art Museum. To get to Lucha Libre, go to mullme to learn more about Mexico's "most popular sport." C ECUT is the only museum in the country with a full-time wrestling program for adults and children.

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More About Tijuana