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Tijuana is in the midst of a revival of artistic and entrepreneurial creativity, with new and surprising riffs emerging from old riffs. There has been an explosion in art, and since the beginning of the year, more than 80 public murals have appeared in Tijuana, according to the city's Department of Culture and Tourism.

The art created in Tijuana reflects the history, culture and cultural heritage of the city and its cultural diversity. These include works that engage in a variety of artistic forms such as sculptures, murals, installations, paintings, drawings, sculptures and sculptures.

In this exhibition, artist Abraham Avila from Tijuana shows his writing on a Mexican border wall, on which the artist presses his hand to show an image of his own face. Gringo is also seen on the corrugated wall of the city's main street, Pasaje Rodriguez. Whether you visit one of the many art galleries, visit the ramparts of Pasaja Rodriguez or admire the new modern architecture, it is clear that this style prevails in this border town.

Tijuana is a tourist city where you can go to get drunk, but the idea is that you don't know what it's like in Tijuana, and you don't know who you are. There are times when the identity of T Mexico is very easy to find, but there are other times when it is very difficult to describe or locate it. That is what is interesting about Mexican art and what is interesting about it: there are many people from different parts of the world, from the United States, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, etc. But Mexico, we have to behave like this because we didn't want to talk to anyone.

As for the United States, Tijuana is anchored in the consciousness of the North Americano, but in Anglo-American South Texas we simply see it as part of the South, not as a region of Mexico.

What is actually on show are works that have received an institutional seal of approval and appear regularly at trade fairs and in commercial galleries. There is nothing like Tijuana, and there is probably no other place in the world that offers such a thing. Fifteen regions of Mexico, including Mexico City, El Paso, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco, will send their best craftsmen to demonstrate their work.

The border region produces such thoughts - and provokes contemporary art in the form of self-guided tours, exhibitions and exhibitions. In many ways, the border means nothing more than entering the world of art and culture, a border between commerce and commerce.

Friday's museum tour offered the opportunity to get a personal tour of the Tijuana Museum of Contemporary Art, the first of its kind in the country. The tour started at the museum, where we stopped to sip beer before an exhibition of contemporary art, which is scheduled to open in February. We were taken on a tour of the city, stopping in Taja to visit local art spaces. Our last stop on the tour was the Hotel Encuentro Guadalupe, designed by architect Jorge Gracia Graciastudio from Tijuana, and then on to the Art Institute of Mexico.

Ituarte gallery on the second floor, which shows exhibitions of local artists for Tijuana and Southern California such as It Stuarte. It's an easy place to make art, but it's a difficult place for artists, "Reyes said. According to Pedro Ochoa, who runs the state-funded Cultural Center, the growing presence of art and food culture is an important harbinger of the city's future. Buenrostro said that the first positive coverage of Taja Baja was about wine country, then food patches and now art - and art spaces.

Ituarte said he hopes Casa del tunel will be a place for artists to develop a new vision for Tijuana. The first is a two-story toy - led by a Trojan horse from ERRE, carved in wood for the 10th edition, and he plans to build a raised, six-story version on the border between Taja Baja and San Diego.

Southern California's robust economy offers opportunities that other Mexican cities do not, and Tijuana's people see an opportunity to do almost anything in the art business. The French artist JR was responsible for placing a black - and - white 65 Ft mural of a baby looking across the border into the US from Tecate, Mexico. His work has inspired countless other artists to embrace their status in this crazy border city and revel in a hybrid D.I.Y. culture that thrives as much on Mexico as on the United States. Mexico - San Ysidro artists would decorate the streets of San Ysidro with their work, but would San Diegans do the same in Tijuana?

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More About Tijuana